Orazio: the space-saving line from FASB Line 2

From a small workshop, to an international leader in the metal pipe industry

For more than 30 years, FASB Linea 2, located in the Brianza hills, has been producing metal pipes for industries, taking care of the entire supply chain. Innovation, perseverance and creativity led the founder, Luigi Fumagalli, to diversify the company’s production by creating the Orazio Line, dedicated to B2C professional products. Today, the Orazio line is continuously expanding and caters to both individuals and professionals.


From a single space-saving product, to a line that spans hobbies, gardening, and more!


The Orazio line will continue to be enriched with simple yet ingenious products to create workspace tailored to every need. From the workshop, to the garage, to the garden, to every corner of the house: Orazio by FASB Linea 2 is the reliable partner that guarantees Made In Italy quality, safety, versatility and durability.


Galvanized Steel Made In Italy

The material from which we make all products in the line guarantees them long life, safety, protection from external agents and extreme durability.

Anti Shock

Anti Wear

Anti Mold

Innovation and efficiency are in Orazio’s DNA!

All the products in our line are born from an insight, which comes to life in FASB Line 2 after refined research and many refinements to arrive at the most effective result!

Conveniently in your home

Orazio nasce a Cremella, nella verde Brianza. Dai tubi d’acciaio Made In Italy parte il processo produttivo che ogni giorno ci porta a creare i prodotti della Linea Orazio e farli arrivare comodamente a casa vostra, con spedizione entro 24 ore, dove troveranno il luogo ideale per recuperare spazio prezioso.


Discover Orazio’s flagship product, save space in your workshop or garage!