1It is made with hot-PVC-coated tube and it is wear-resistant, anti-mould and shockproof. The surface of tyres won’t be close to metal, but just only to the PVC.

2Thanks to Orazio you don’t dirt and ruin the wall, although you hang there your tyres. Indeed, its particular patented shape doesn’t let the contact between the tyre and the wall, as the horizontal crossbeam block the tyre before the direct contact with the wall and the PVC-coated pipe allows the structure to lay to the wall without damaging it.

3Install Orazio is so easy: you need only 5 minutes! Everything you need is provided in the package, fischer and anchoring-screws included. The only thing you have to do is to drill two hole in your wall and thanks to its special plate you’ll be able to remove your ORAZIO from the wall just in a second (for example when you have to paint your wall)

4The anchoring-plates and the crossbeams are realized with zinc-coated material of high-grade

5You can hang ORAZIO everywhere: over the door of your garage, over the door of your cellar or of your garage, or over the sink of your launderette.…..therefore, almost everywhere!

6hanks to ORAZIO you can create your personal tyre-warehouse above 10 cm high: higher you’ll hang you ORAZIO, less problems for your tyres, as for example the considerable heat-drop: in fact, in winter in your box the cold-air remains always in the low-part, while the hottest one goes aloft and surface of the tyre won’t reach too high temperature.

7With ORAZIO, it’s available also a protective cover with a breathable technical fabric that allows to your tyres an adequate air-circulation

8You can also use it for other type of tyres in addition to the 4 ones ( for example 4 tyres of you car and 2 for your motorbike) and hang also a little coat-hanger

9Your trusted tire dealer has no time and asked you 15 days for the tyre-change?  Thanks to ORAZIO, you don’t need to deposit them and you can choose each time who you want, by doing the tyre-change at the best price and decide to buy directly online the new tyres and gain outstanding savings.

10ORAZIO has a maximum load of 150 kg

11ORAZIO is a product 100% MADE IN ITALY